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Who We Are

RGS Foods is a Healthy Snacks Manufacturer in Tampa, Florida, which is committed to providing high-quality and nutritious snacks and goods to everyone in the community.

We keep in stock a vast assortment of nutritious and tasty products such as soups, cookies, vitamin supplements, cereals, protein bars, water enhancers, creamers, shakes, cupcakes, and more. We make sure every one of our products is made with excellent ingredients guaranteed to satisfy every customer.

Why Choose Us

RGS Foods believes in the following fundamental values: Customers, Employees, and Excellent Management are the key to our company’s success. Also, we adhere to the principle that economic and social development must go hand in hand. We aim to increase our sales responsibly without compromising the well-being and needs of our employees.

At RGS Foods, we consider all our customers as first choice partners. That explains about us why we are constantly striving to provide quality products and services. We also listen to our customers and their suggestions. Although it is sometimes tricky to continually achieve perfection, we try to get as close as possible to our service delivery. For this reason, we are open to constructive feedback about us from our customers and employees. We believe that their purpose is to force us to reinvent ourselves to offer a product or service of excellent quality that is worthy of those who value us.

Finally, RGS Foods, as a responsible corporate citizen, aims to strike a balance between economic development and the preservation and protection of the environment. We do not apply or use machines or equipment that will harm our planet. We ensure that every process and action we take does not result in harm to the environment.

Our Mission

We make it our mission to ensure that every one of our products is made with high-quality ingredients to ensure the satisfaction of our customers at all times. We work towards becoming a reliable provider of nutritious and delectable snacks.

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